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  • 13 June 2023

Flen Health Receives 1.7 Million Grant from VLAIO for Groundbreaking Research on Recombinant Engineering of Wound-Healing Enzymes

Kontich, Belgium, 23 June 2023

Flen Health is proud to announce that it has been awarded a 1.7 million research and development grant by the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO – for short) to leverage further its leading expertise in biological wound treatment research and development. The award represents the funding at approximately 60% of a 3.0 million project.

Funding from the grant will serve to further accelerate the deployment of Flen Health’s unique Enzyme technology and research platform and will lead to a deeper understanding of recombinant engineering and the development of unique and novel biological enzyme-based treatments for non-healing and chronic wounds. Enabling cross-fertilizing the company’s growing pipeline of patented and breakthrough candidate drugs in wound and skin care.

Gilles Brackman, Vice President of Research & Development of Flen Health, commented, “I am honoured by the recognition and financial support from VLAIO and pleased to contribute to their commitment to stimulate Biotechnological research and development in Flanders, Belgium. This grant allows us to further strengthen our enzyme-technology platform capabilities and represent an important accelerator in the further development of enzyme-based biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds. This will position Flen Health as a true innovative wound and skincare company with multiple shots at goal.”

“I am thrilled that VLAIO has recognized the breakthrough science that we undertake at Flen Health which endorses the quality level of our research projects,” said Philippe Sollie, CEO of Flen Health. This grant is a support for our project to manufacture enzymes at a pharmaceutical quality level. Executing this project will do even more than that. With this project, we are creating at Flen Health a platform technology for the identification, GMP manufacturing and registration of therapeutic proteins that transform the lives of patients with wounds and skin diseases. We are well on track to further push our extraordinary goal and provide patients across the globe with our innovative transformative treatments that help these patients live the life they love” he concluded.

Flen Health remains committed to its mission of advancing wound and skin healing through groundbreaking research, and this grant from VLAIO will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the company's ongoing work.

About Flen Health

Flen Health is an international family enterprise with affiliates in Europe and the United States and strategic partnerships and distributor agreements worldwide. These allow Flen Health to develop and market medical devices and pharmaceutical products that meet its original mission of providing innovative skin and wound healing solutions to address unmet patient needs. In recent years, Flen Health was labelled as an EU innovative company and has secured millions of non-dilutive funding for R&D activities within its innovation centres and in collaboration with academic and institutional partners.

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