Flamigel® - our solution for superficial wounds

Flamigel® acts like a sponge that absorbs excess moisture and moisturises dry wounds when needed. The moist wound healing process prevents scabbing on the wound, so that the wound always has an optimal moisture level. This heals a wound faster and reduces the risk of scarring. Flamigel® is essential in your home First-Aid Kit and is ideal for the treatment of superficial wounds such as minor burns, cuts & grazes, lacerations or sunburn.

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<b>Flamigel® heals wounds up to 40 % faster</b>


Flamigel® is for superficial burns & minor wounds


Flamigel® cools and soothes the skin


Flamigel® reduces the risk of scarring


Flamigel® creates a protective skin barrier

How to apply

1. Clean

Clean the wound with running water or with a specific cleaning product such as Flamirins®.

2. Dry

Gently pat the wound dry with a clean cloth.

3. Treat

Treat the wound with Flamigel®. This creates a moist environment that is beneficial for wound healing.

4. Cover

If necessary, cover the wound with a sterile non-adherent dressing and replace it daily.

How Flamigel® works

Hydrogel Effect

In case of a dry wound Flamigel turns the dry wound into a moist one.

Hydrocolloid Effect

In case of a wet wound Flamigel absorbs excessive fluid from the wound and restores and maintains the water balance in the wound.


Arginine is a building block of the skin. Arginine increases the moisturising properties of the gel.

Further information on Flamigel®

<p>Ensure you get the instructions you need when you are looking after your skin and superficial wounds at home with our Flamigel<sup>&reg;</sup> self-care guides and brochures.</p>