Flaminal® Holistic Solution for Wound Management

Ensure you get the instructions you need when you use Flaminal®. Scroll down and find self-care guides for patients with general wounds, axillary pilonidal sinus, pilonidal sinus & feeding tubes. You will also find easy to use application videos for general wounds as well as useful brochures and flyer.

Self-Care Guides:

Self-care guide for patients

Self-care guide for patients with Axillary pilonidal sinus

Self-care guide for patients with feeding tubes

Self-care guide for patients with a pilonidal sinus

Self-care for patients with skin tears


Instruction of Use:

Learn more about how to use Flaminal® on wounds


Antimicrobial Protection:

Safe & effective wound management with Flaminal® - Antimicrobial resistance, a global concern

Pre-clinical Evaluation of a New Antimicrobial Enzyme for the Control of Wound Bioburden


Flaminal® Brochure:

Flaminal® is a versatile, dependable & unique dressing designed to simplify wound care

Info graphics:

Flaminal® - Suitable for all wounds & all wound conditions

Reference: 1. White, R. The alginogel Flaminal: an overview of the evidence and use in clinical practice. Wounds UK. 2014;10:22–25.

Flaminal® - Controls infection & bioburden without cytotoxity

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Flaminal® - Encourages rapid healing with less scarring

Reference: 9. Hoeksema, H, et al. A comparative study of 1% silver sulphadiazine (Flammazine®) versus an enzyme alginogel (Flaminal®) in the treatment of partial thickness burns. Burns 2013; 39:1234-1241 10. Flaminal® Forte: an enzyme alginogel:10 years experience in burn care H. Hoeksema, et al. Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Burn Centre, Gent University Hospital, De Pintelaan 185, 9000 Gent, Belgium 2013 -Poster.

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